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Some men become fighters due to their athletic abilities; others become fighters because of their genetic make-up. Andrew Witney falls into the latter category.

Hailing out of Springfield Missouri, this young barrel-chested fighter has been decimating the competition since 2012.

As of right now, Andrew holds a respectable record of 16 wins and 6 loses. Like a true fighter, Andrew has learned from his setbacks and has made some adjustments to his game. Nothing and nobody will derail him.

Today, the young mix-martial artist trains 5 to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week. No stones are left unturned. He is primed and ready to take over the 135 lbs division.

Peep the audio below and keep an eye out for this young, hungry fighter.

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Funk Roberts is a Personal Trainer, and co-author of the Amazon #1 best selling book “Rapid Body Makeover”. Today, Mr. Roberts continues to help thousands of fitness enthusiasts, trainers, and coaches reach their fitness goals and improve their athletic performance through his delicious meal plans and his stunning online programs like the Over 40 Shred module .

In addition to helping the general public, Funk Roberts helps professional fighters prepare for battle in major promotions like the UFC, Bellator, Glory, and ADCC. He is the premier strength and conditioning leaders in the combat sport community.

In this episode of The Catching Wreck Podcast, Funk and I talk about training in Thailand, testosterone, diet, how to build an online business, and much more.

You can reach Funk on instagram and facebook or at:

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Afonso “Raphael” Egidio is a Brazilian martial artist out of San Paulo Brazil. He is currently a Jiu Jitsu black belt and holds multiple titles in gi and no-gi competition. In 2011, Afonso won the no-gi Worlds Championship. he repeated that feat the following year.

In addition to competing and teaching BJJ, Afonso also has several MMA fights under his belt. I first met this gentleman in 2007 when I was teaching Muay Thai at the Armory MMA gym in Jupiter Florida. I was immediately taken aback by his humble attitude and impeccable BJJ skills.

In this episode of the podcast, Afonso and I talk about Bjj, strength training for Jiu Jitsu, and how to prepare for competition on and off the mats.

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Asa Ten Pow is a professional fighter who has been competing since the age of 5. His martial journey began with traditional Chinese arts but soon veered into many different styles. Today his weapon of choice is Muay Thai.

Asa has fought all over the world. From Madison Square garden to Lumpinee Stadium, Mr. Ten Pow has faced all comers.

Today, he owns and operates his own gym called Florida Kickboxing Academy.

In this podcast, Asa and I talk about training, fighting, discipline, leadership, and a lot of other topics.


Check Asa out on facebook and instagram @asatenpow.

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Lethwei is Thai Boxing on coke. It is a full contact sport from Myanmar that uses knees, elbows, kicks, punches, takedowns, clinching techniques, along with headbutts. Lethwei boxers fight bare-knuckle with only tape on their hands. There is no point system. The victories are only acquired by KO. 

Dave “The Nomad” Leduc is the reigning king of Lethwei. He is the current openweight Lethwei World Champion. He is the first Canadian to win in the controversial Prison Fight Thailand in Bangkok. He is the first non-Burmese fighter to win the Lethwei world title.

Standing at 6’2, and weighing 175 lbs, the Nomad is arguably the best striker on the planet. He holds wins over notorious killers like Tun Tun Min, Nilmungkorn Sudsakorn, Too Too, Cyrus Washington, Dieselek and countless other gangsters under both Muaythai and Lethwei rules.

Below is the interview I conducted with Mr. Leduc.





In 2012, I decided it was time for me to learn Spanish. I purchased several Spanish education books to help me learn this new language. All the books were confusing, complicated, and soul crushing. The task I had set for myself seemed insurmountable. Then, as fate would have it, I met a co-worker who had the same goal as mine. This gentleman had been studying Spanish for 5 months and he was already fluent. I asked him how he did it and he was kind enough to share his secret. Four months later, I was fluent in Spanish and was helping others learn the language. Today, I will share these ancient secrets with you.



  1. Best Book On The MarketPractice Makes Perfect, Beginning Spanish. ISBN 978-0-07-163865-4. This book is the easiest one I found. It is simple and straight forward. Every chapter introduces new concepts along with simple homework. Each chapters holds a word bank that you can easily memorize.
  2. Memorize 10 words a day. Think about that. After a month you will know 300 words. After 4 months will have 1200 words locked inside your brain. That is more than enough to get by on a day-to-day basis. Use flash cards and write the Spanish word you are learning on one side, and the English definition on the other.
  3. Verbs are action. The Spanish language has 3 types of verbs; those ending in: Ar, Er, and Ir. Learn and memorize how to conjugate them in the past, present, and future tense. This is the most challenging part of learning Spanish in my opinion because you may memorize a verb, but you may not recognize that same verb if it is conjugated in a different tense. For example, the verb “comer” means to eat. If I want to say “you eat” the present tense will translate as: “Tu comes”. However, if I say it in the past tense (you ate) it will translate as: “Tu comiste”; which is not easily recognizable to a novice. Therefore, learn how to conjugate the verbs.
  4. Watch TV. That’s right. You need to watch at least an hour of TV every single day because your ears need to get attuned to the rhythm, the slang, and the pronunciations. This was though for me cause I don’t like watching TV. I resisted this step for weeks, but once I applied myself, the benefits were tremendous! I recommend watching Novelas because the girls are hot, and the story lines are so basic that you’ll be able to follow even if you don’t understand a word. But rest assured, one day you’ll wake up understanding it all. If you don’t have time for TV, listen to the radio or a podcast.
  5. Human Interaction. Lucky for me, I’m fortunate to have friends of all gender and races. My Latino friends were cool enough to help me out. They corrected me when I made mistakes and they were patient enough to listen to my broken dialect. Without these cats, I wouldn’t have learned as quick. So be humble, and find someone willing to put up with your baby talk.

Learning Spanish takes discipline. It’s not going to happen over night. It’s going to take action and consistency. The process is like staying in shape. It’s mental calisthenics. You’re going to have to put in those reps to learn it in 4 months.

Good luck.


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Finally got a chance to listen to Westside Gunn’s new album, Supreme Blientele, and let me say it now, it is New York hip hop at its finest. Westside Gunn pushes the creative envelop. The word play is brutal, the production is top notch. The music sounds like some futuristic Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, and Gang Staar  mashup. 808s and bouncy drum kicks are muted. The dark grooves and jazzy melodies provided by 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Alchemist, and Statik Selektah seamlessly flow with the slick and violent poetry delivered by Westside Gunn and friends.

The guest list includes luminaries like Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Conway, and Benny who all show up and shine like hungry prize fighters.

Yes, coke is being bagged and bodies are being dropped, but this is not amateur night at the Apollo; the album is sophisticated, grown, and well crafted. From top to bottom, the Supreme Blientele is a must have!

Some of my favorite joints are:

  • “Spanish Jesus” featuring CrimeApple
  • “Gods Don’t Bleed” featuring Benny and Jadakiss
  • “Brossface Brippler” featuring Benny and Busta Rhymes
  • “Rvd” featuring Keisha Plum
  • “Elizabeth”
  • “Brutus” featuring Benny and Conway
  • “Mean Gene”


All Mighty.