Supreme Blientele


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Finally got a chance to listen to Westside Gunn’s new album, Supreme Blientele, and let me say it now, it is New York hip hop at its finest. Westside Gunn pushes the creative envelop. The word play is brutal, the production is top notch. The music sounds like some futuristic Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, and Gang Staar  mashup. 808s and bouncy drum kicks are muted. The dark grooves and jazzy melodies provided by 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Alchemist, and Statik Selektah seamlessly flow with the slick and violent poetry delivered by Westside Gunn and friends.

The guest list includes luminaries like Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Conway, and Benny who all show up and shine like hungry prize fighters.

Yes, coke is being bagged and bodies are being dropped, but this is not amateur night at the Apollo; the album is sophisticated, grown, and well crafted. From top to bottom, the Supreme Blientele is a must have!

Some of my favorite joints are:

  • “Spanish Jesus” featuring CrimeApple
  • “Gods Don’t Bleed” featuring Benny and Jadakiss
  • “Brossface Brippler” featuring Benny and Busta Rhymes
  • “Rvd” featuring Keisha Plum
  • “Elizabeth”
  • “Brutus” featuring Benny and Conway
  • “Mean Gene”


All Mighty.


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