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Lethwei is Thai Boxing on coke. It is a full contact sport from Myanmar that uses knees, elbows, kicks, punches, takedowns, clinching techniques, along with headbutts. Lethwei boxers fight bare-knuckle with only tape on their hands. There is no point system. The victories are only acquired by KO. 

Dave “The Nomad” Leduc is the reigning king of Lethwei. He is the current openweight Lethwei World Champion. He is the first Canadian to win in the controversial Prison Fight Thailand in Bangkok. He is the first non-Burmese fighter to win the Lethwei world title.

Standing at 6’2, and weighing 175 lbs, the Nomad is arguably the best striker on the planet. He holds wins over notorious killers like Tun Tun Min, Nilmungkorn Sudsakorn, Too Too, Cyrus Washington, Dieselek and countless other gangsters under both Muaythai and Lethwei rules.

Below is the interview I conducted with Mr. Leduc.





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