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Marvin Eastman is a Muay Thai and MMA pioneer. The California native was at the forefront of the Las vegas MMA scene when it first began bubbling in the mid-nineties. Prior to that, Marvin Eastman was a stand-out high school wrestler who went undefeated in his senior year, winning the California State Wrestling Championship in the 191 lbs weight class.

After dabbling in college and pro football, the Beastman turned his attention to martial arts. He began training Muay Thai under the tutelage of Master Toddy and Master Chen. From there, Eastman’s career took off; he became a MMA champion when he won the King Of The Cage Super Heavyweight title. Eastman also had so unforgivable bouts in the UFC.

We caught up with Mr. Eastman to see what he’s been up to and to talk about the rollercoaster ride called the fight game.

Click the arrow for the audio.

Music: Prodigy, New York Shit.

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