18. Five Rounds With Simon Marcus

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Simon Marcus, also known as The One, is a Canadian Muay Thai kickboxer of Jamaican descent, who competes in the light heavyweight and cruiserweight divisions. Marcus took up Muay Thai at sixteen and achieved success as an amateur by medaling at international tournaments as well as capturing the North American Cruiserweight Championship. After turning pro in 2009, Simon decided to take his training to another level by going to Thailand for eight months to train with Buakaw Banchamek, the best Muay Thai fighter on the planet. That experience paid off. Shortly thereafter, Simon began collecting belts and titles all around the world.

In this episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, Simon Marcus opens up and talks about fitness, strength training, working out with Buakaw, his new gym and much more.

Click the arrow below to hear the audio.

Music: BBS, by Curren$y

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