23. Enter The Ninja: Asa Ten Pow Interview

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Asa ten Pow’s martial journey began at the age of five. He started competing in Sanshou, but by the time he turned 16 years old, Asa had reached his limit.


“Sanshou is not that big. There is not much to do with it besides one tournament a year. I wanted to continue doing more. I saw Buakaw and I went into Muay Thai.”


That change of style launched  Ten Pow onto the international stage. In 2013, Asa took the Florida State Golden Gloves boxing tournament. He then snagged the ISKA, IKF and the Thai Boxing Association tournament belts. 
In 2017, the young prize fighter spent a month wrecking havoc in Thailand. Asa took two short notice fights in Bangkok. One was at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium; the other was at Buakow’s All Star Fight. Asa won both bouts. Glory Kickboxing took notice and quickly signed the American standout.
In 2018 Asa made his Glory debut. He fought three times under the Glory banner, and won his fights in spectacular fashion which led to Asa being voted the New Comer Of The Year.
Hit the arrow arrow below to hear Asa tell it like it is.
Song: Voyage
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