25. Beautiful Boxer: Jamelia Carr Aims For Olympic Gold

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Jameliah Carr, a three times Golden Glove champion, has her eyes set on Tokyo for next year’s olympic. The single mother of two has been boxing for a decade, smoking the competition.

Jamelia is currently ranked top ten in the nation. Her work ethic is off the charts, and her energy is contagious.

In this episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, Jamelia talks discipline, home schooling her two boys, swimming, training, and pushing past her limitations and more.

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24. MMA Pioneer David “The Crow” Loiseau Talks BJJ, Fitness, And Discipline


Fighting out of Montreal Canada, David Loiseau is a life long martial artist and combat athlete who has reached the pinnacle of combat sports. The French Canadian fighter is a UFC veteran who has fought and beaten some of top prize fighters in the world.

On this episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, David talks about the early days of MMA, BJJ, training with George St-Pierre, headlining big fights in Vegas, and his own gym called Crow Training Center.

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23. Enter The Ninja: Asa Ten Pow Interview

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Asa ten Pow’s martial journey began at the age of five. He started competing in Sanshou, but by the time he turned 16 years old, Asa had reached his limit.


“Sanshou is not that big. There is not much to do with it besides one tournament a year. I wanted to continue doing more. I saw Buakaw and I went into Muay Thai.”


That change of style launched  Ten Pow onto the international stage. In 2013, Asa took the Florida State Golden Gloves boxing tournament. He then snagged the ISKA, IKF and the Thai Boxing Association tournament belts. 
In 2017, the young prize fighter spent a month wrecking havoc in Thailand. Asa took two short notice fights in Bangkok. One was at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium; the other was at Buakow’s All Star Fight. Asa won both bouts. Glory Kickboxing took notice and quickly signed the American standout.
In 2018 Asa made his Glory debut. He fought three times under the Glory banner, and won his fights in spectacular fashion which led to Asa being voted the New Comer Of The Year.
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22. Chelly’s 100 Pound Challenge

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Chelly B is not a martial artist. She has never stepped inside a cage to fight a well trained prize fighter. Her opponent was in her mind and her battle was on the scale. After gaining more than a hundred pounds while in college, Chelly began struggling with her weight and self-image. After much soul searching, she decided to do something about it.

In the episode on the Catching Wreck Podcast, Chelly B explains how she took ownership of her issues and managed to lose over one hundred pounds in eight months.

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Chelly B can be reach on instagram at chelly.b_

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21. The King Maker, Tito “Tiburon” Ocasio

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Tito Ocasio, the owner of John 3:16 and 17 Boxing Club in Ocala Florida, is a former Florida State champion boxer who once doubled as an enforcer for the Latin Kings gang. like most gangsters, Tito Ocasio ended up in jail. It was during a stint in prison that Ocasio decided to change. “I came to life in prison,” Ocasio said. Tito left the Latin Kings shortly after his prison bid and decided to give back to the community by opening his own boxing gym.

Many of the boys and girls Tito trains are from low-income households. The gym, John 3:16 and 17 Boxing Club, has become a sanctuary to these high risk kids. It is a place where they learn about themselves. The kids learn discipline, accountability, and hard work.

Tito’s gym not only caters to so-called delinquents, the facility also attracts serious fighters who are looking to reach or stay on top of the food chain. For instances, Tito’s roster includes champions like Antonio Vargas and Gamalier Rodriguez.



“We make champions here,” Ocasio says. At John 3:16 and 17, fighters train physically, emotionally and spiritually. He counsels them when they’re in need, and works with them to make better fighters and human beings.

In this episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, Tito talks about the strategies he uses to motivate and improve the athletes that walk through his door.

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20. Hustling Fitness With kenny Raphael


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Out of the many personal trainers in south Florida,  Kenny Raphael has managed to separate himself from the crowd. Whether it’s sculpting bodies or improving performance, Kenny got it covered. Mr. Raphael has helped countless individuals, from housewife to professional athletes, achieve their fitness goals by mixing traditional and unconventional training routines. 

In this episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, Kenny talks about strength training, conditioning, biomechanics, recovery, nutrition and much more.

You can follow him on Instagram @hustlefitness. 

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