17. Triple OG Shonie Carter

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Shonie Carter is a United States Marine Corps veteran and an American mixed martial artist who has competed in the Welterweight, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. He is a former WEC Welterweight Champion, a UFC veteran, and a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 4 reality show. He has also competed in Pancrase, King of the Cage, M-1 Global, KSW and Bellator. Shonie Carter is known for his flashy outfits, and outgoing personality.

Carter was born in Chicago, Illinois. He began his martial arts training in Greco-Roman wrestling which led him to judo, jujutsu, sanshou, kickboxing, and Shidōkan Karate. He is also an accomplished personal trainer who enjoys drawing and music.

In today’s podcast, Shonie Carter talks about his illustrious career, training law enforcement, street fighting, and much more. Click the arrow below and enjoy.


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16. Street Bombing With Laura Del Farra


After six months training Muay Thai in Thailand in 2007, Laura Del Farra returned to her native Canada, sold all her belongings and boarded a plane for Bangkok. Laura Spent the next four years training in traditional Muay Thai gyms, pushing her limits, and embracing the unknown.

In today’s episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, Laura Del Farra and I talk about her trip to Thailand, dealing with a concussion, overcoming two sexual assaults, self-defense for women, blogging for her website Milk Blitz Street Bomb, and much more.

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14. Chris Romulo’s Champion Creed

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Hailing out of Queens New York, Chris Romulo is a Muay Thai champion. The new York native began his career as an amateur in 1996 when he was 21 years of age. He quickly turned pro and earned a 13–3 record. In 2010, Chris won the WKA super middleweight North American title. During his career, Romulo won several Muay Thai titles, including a US National Championship, and a Bronze medal in Bangkok Thailand at the Muay Thai World Cup.

Today, the retired champion helps athletes and civilians get in shape at his CROM Physical Culture  gym in Queens New York. Chris Romulo is more than a personal trainer; he is an inspiration who motivates others with his philosophy and proven programs. Chris has taken what he’s learned in the ring and turned it into a practical curriculum called U.P.R.I.S.E. The curriculum shows individuals how to tap into their natural abilities and become their own champion.

In May 2017, Romulo published his memoir, Champions Uprising, which showcases his unwavering determination, grit, and spirit. The book has been a catalyst in helping individuals overcome their self-inflicting obstacles.

Chris has taken his focus from the ring to the pulpit to motivate, educate and inspire the next generation. His champion creed and daily routines can be found at www.chrisromulo.com/startstrong

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13. Fight Gone Wrong

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On October 20th, 2018, muay thai and K1 kickboxing champion Pascal Schroth, stepped into a ring in China to defend his K1 title under what he believed to be regular K1 kickboxing rules. For the 25 year old champion, this bout was just another day at the office. His opponent Quinghao Meng from the city of Taicang China was just another body in front of pascal ascent to superstardom.  As a matter of fact, Mr. Schroth’s confidence was pretty high because he had already beaten Meng the year before.

So on that Saturday night, despite the language barrier, the confusion, and the sketchy promoters, Schroth walked inside the ring but would have to be carried out.

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TimeLine of Events

  • October 2017 at Glory 46, Schroth defeats Quinghao Meng.
  • September 5th 2018, rematch is set between K1 champion Pascal Schroth and Quinghao Meng.
  • October 11th, WLK ask Schroth if he has ever fought under Sanda rules. Schroth answers no and tells WLK that he only fights under muay thai or K1 rules. According to Schroth, WLK agrees that the fight will be under K1 rules.
  • On Wednesday 17th of October, Pascal Schroth, along with his coach and several teammates, leave Phuket Thailand and arrives in China.
  • Thursday the 18th, Schroth goes through a promotional tour and does a series of photoshoots and interviews. Schroth is given a script in chinese to recite during the interviews.
  • On Friday the 19th, Schroth weighs ins and does a press conference. Pre-fight rehearsals are scheduled for that evening, but for unexplained reasons, the rehearsals are rescheduled for the 20th at 1pm; the day of the fight.
  • On Saturday the 20th, Schroth and the rest of the non-chinese fighters have to wait 40 minutes to start rehearsals. The rehearsals go on for around 30 minutes.
  • Around 6pm, Pascal Schroth arrives at the stadium. Up to this point, there hasn’t been any fighters meeting, rules have not been established, and fighters have not been examined by any doctor.
  • At around 8pm, Schroth’s bout against Meng begins. The fighters  touch gloves. Within the first minute, Meng wraps his arms around Schroth’s waist, picks him up and slams the German to the ground head first. 10 seconds later, the champion is counted out by the referee. He is eventually placed on a stretcher and carried out the ring into an ambulance and taken to a mysterious hospital.
  • Sunday the 21st. X-rays and scans are administered in silent. Schroth has yet to see a doctor and wasn’t receive any diagnose of his injury.
  • On Monday the 22th, Schroth returns to Phuket Thailand where he is properly diagnosed. C5 vertebrae is broken.



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12. The Promoter: Steve Shepherd


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Steve Shepherd is a five-time world kickboxing champion and a kickboxing promoter in the state of Florida. His martial arts journey began with ShotokanGoju karate, in which he earned a black belt in 1975. Shepherd then turned to professional kickboxing that same year. Steve started promoting his own fights between 1977–1999. He was the first kickboxing world champion who was also a major event promoter. In the 1970s, he helped make South Florida a hotbed for martial arts. Steve Shepherd was the first kickboxer to draw over $1 million in live gate receipts. 

During his fighting career, Steve accumulated a record of 50-5-1. Shepherd holds wins over notable fighters like Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Dale “Apollo” Cook, and Bob Thurman.

Nowadays the retired prize fighter continues to inspire and help civilians get healthy. Steve operates his own gym in West Palm Beach.

On this episode, Steve Shepherd and I discuss the good old days of American Kickboxing, the ups and down of promoting fights, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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8. Carlos Newton: The Last Samurai

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Carlos Newton is an Anguillian-born Canadian  mixed martial artist and a MMA legend. He is a former UFC Welterweight Champion and Pride FC contender. Known as “The Ronin“, Carlos Newton competed worldwide in the biggest MMA organizations including UFC, Pride FC, IFL, K-1, and Shooto.  Carlos Newton is a 3rd Degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Renzo Gracie. The Canadian Submission Master has dubbed his fighting style — a fusion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, judo, wrestling and boxing.

Today, the retired prize-fighter runs his own gym called Newton MMA in Ontario Canada. In this episode of the Catching Wreck Podcast, Carlos Newton and I discuss the good old days of MMA, his training routines, and his class action lawsuit against the UFC.

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Marvin Eastman is a Muay Thai and MMA pioneer. The California native was at the forefront of the Las vegas MMA scene when it first began bubbling in the mid-nineties. Prior to that, Marvin Eastman was a stand-out high school wrestler who went undefeated in his senior year, winning the California State Wrestling Championship in the 191 lbs weight class.

After dabbling in college and pro football, the Beastman turned his attention to martial arts. He began training Muay Thai under the tutelage of Master Toddy and Master Chen. From there, Eastman’s career took off; he became a MMA champion when he won the King Of The Cage Super Heavyweight title. Eastman also had so unforgivable bouts in the UFC.

We caught up with Mr. Eastman to see what he’s been up to and to talk about the rollercoaster ride called the fight game.

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